Even the best brick repair or addition job can be greatly hindered by a poor match of the existing brick. When enclosing an open area, repairing damaged brick, or filling in a removed door or window opening, we want to match the existing structure so that the new brick matches seamlessly with the old. This is truly one of the most difficult tasks for a bricklayer, but with a few careful considerations and techniques, and the guidance of an expert, you can match your existing brick nearly imperceptibly. Champion Brick has become the premier source for brick matching in the New Berlin, Milwaukee, and Southeastern Wisconsin areas.

It’s important to start your search early. As soon as you’ve decided that you’re going to embark on your brick build or repair project, it’s time to start looking for your match. The best strategy is to speak with the experts, and for expert brick advice, look no further than Champion Brick. Contact Us today, and we’ll work with you to match your brick as closely as possible. Alternatively, you can fill out our Brick Match Request Form to enter your details and get the ball rolling on finding your match.

Take some detailed pictures of your existing brick from multiple angles and in multiple lighting conditions. Feel free to stop in at our showroom and speak face-to-face with a brick expert who can guide you towards the perfect match for your project.

Our experts know that it’s not only a matter of finding a brick material that is a match, but it’s important to capture the subtle details and variations among the existing bricks. To achieve this, we can recommend a mix of two or more different brick to help better integrate the new brick into the existing structure. There is careful thought involved with mixing brick. We’ll help to ensure that the different bricks are not only a match in terms of colors and proportions, but that they also work together in face height, length, and bed depth.

Although Champion Brick has a vast catalog of available brick, and we have deep resources and experience to find matches effectively, there are situations in which an existing brick is so unique that it can be hard to match it convincingly. In these situations, there may be alternative options such as masonry staining or other treatments to more closely approximate the look of the original brick. Being brick experts, Champion has seen and done it all, and we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you and find your best solution.

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