Fall is the perfect time to enjoy campfires. You don’t have to deal with the pesky mosquitos of summer and getting to enjoy the cooler weather and warmth of a crackling fire before it gets too cold to be outside. Whether you have a campfire pit in your yard that’s self-made or you’ve been thinking about adding one to your yard, Champion Brick can give you the perfect outdoor fireplace or fire pit in time to still enjoy it. Here are four reasons why you should have one.

They’re beautiful.

The materials and different styles of fire pits or fireplaces Champion Brick offers will add elegance to your backyard that wasn’t there before. If you’re looking for something to enhance your yard, a modern-looking fireplace will do just that. Check out some of the beautiful fireplace styles and materials available to give you ideas or to choose a look you love.

They create hangout space.

If you’re someone who loves to entertain, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is especially the perfect space to entertain. Most people enjoy being outdoors and around a toasty, crackling fire. Impress your guests with a striking outdoor seating area centered around a modern or classic fireplace. If you do have a smaller home, in particular, it can create more space to hang out and entertain.

Variety of designs.

Briefly mentioned previously, there are many options for materials, colors, and designs to choose from. Techno-Bloc and Belgard are two of the most prevalent materials used by Champion Brick but with those, a variety of fireplace or fire pit designs can be created such as:

  • rustic
  • modern
  • modern chic
  • industrial chic
  • classic


An outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your yard is beautiful all on its own but it’s not the only way to have one. If you already have a patio but a small yard, or just want to revamp your patio, consider adding a fireplace to it. The look of outdoor fireplaces on patios make it feel almost like another room of your home. Again, with near-endless options for designs there are many ways to make your patio exquisite. Take a look at some of the ways an outdoor fireplace could enhance your patio.

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