Brick is a beautiful element to use in your home design, both inside and out. With a variety of colors to choose from, Champion Brick offers interior thin brick that can create a range of looks for your home. From elegant and modern to country chic or classic country. If you’re looking to remodel your home or are planning on building, here are four reasons to consider adding interior thin brick to your new home designs.

Four Reasons for Interior Thin Brick

Add Warmth

Add more warmth and coziness to any room by creating an accent wall using thin brick. Want more than just an accent wall? Add the thin brick to connecting walls as well. The different shades of color of natural brick create an effortless warmth. You can enhance or contrast that warmth with complimentary furniture, woodwork, decorations and lighting.


Interior thin brick is a great way to create warmth but it’s also versatile enough that it can give you a variety of other looks and effects as well. For example, if you want a bolder look that makes a statement, that can be accomplished by painting the brick black, white or silver. As an added bonus, the texture of brick enriches any room. If you’d like to make a room look particularly masculine, the raw texture of a brick black wall combined with industrial fixtures will do the trick. On the other hand, if you want modern and edgy with little effort, a silver brick wall with it’s design lines will give you that contemporary and elegant look in one. The versatility really is nearly endless. 

Easy Application

Interior thin brick is not a structural brick, so it can directly adhere to a prepared drywall or plywood substrate. This is what makes it especially easy to add if you are wanting to do a home remodel and create a new look. Not all home renovations have to be extreme projects. Adding interior thin brick will give you a dramatic new look that was actually fairly simple to do.

On Trend

Exposed brick walls are coming back as a contemporary look that’s on trend. Whether the brick is from an original structure or installed makes no difference. As already discussed, the looks that can be created with thin brick is almost endless. Whatever contemporary design you want to accomplish, a brick wall will not only help create that, it will enhance it. If you choose the brick color and the furniture coordinately, you are bound to get some attractive interiors that look like those from the magazines.

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Champion Brick has tackled a number of projects with interior thin brick for clients and has a wide variety of thin brick options for you to choose from to create any aesthetic you’re going for. If you’d like to schedule a consult for a project or have questions about any of Champion Bricks products or services, contact us today and we’d love to talk with you.