Retaining walls are a functional way to fix a landscape problem or create extra space that can be beautiful as well. Whether you’re a residential or commercial owner, Champion Brick can help you pick out the perfect brick to create just the look you want. We can also discuss design ideas with you if you’re not quite sure what to do. Here are some reasons you might consider adding retaining walls to your property and some options of the kind of brick and look you can create.

Functions That Retaining Walls Serve

Extra support and water correction. One of the most practical reasons for a retaining wall is to provide extra support where needed to help prevent ground from moving from downhill erosion. A retaining wall does this by being designed to offset the lateral force of a slope, decreasing the angle of it and holding back soil. In addition to providing support, they also help slow the flow of rainwater and reduce flooding in areas prone to it.

Create extra land space. For residential and commercial owners in areas that are especially hilly, retaining walls automatically provide a space where it’s easer to plant flowers or bushes. Landscaping is always easier to do on a level space, even if it is on a smaller scale.

Extra seating space. While not the first idea of what comes to mind when you think “retaining wall”, a residential retaining wall could become a spot to sit for you and guests on a nice summer day.

Brick Options

Champion Brick has several types of brick and color options for you to choose from to create anything from a modern and chic look to simple and classic. Our brick selections include:

Wall Designs

The retaining wall design is important, not only so that you are happy with the look and final product of it, but also for structural purposes. If a wall is improperly installed it can lead to cracks, bulging, or leaning. This defeats the primary purpose of it to begin with.  The most common wall designs are interlocking blocks or poured concrete and natural stone. Either are great options, again, depending on the look you desire to achieve. Typically, interlocking blocks or poured concrete are more cost effective and pair well with homes and businesses with a modern feel. However, the slightly more expensive natural stone wall is frequently thought of as the most attractive and can add character and elegance to an otherwise simple layout.

To discuss options you’re most interested in, or if you have questions about adding a retaining wall, contact us today and we’d be glad to talk with you.