Frequently, the need to install a retaining wall stems from the desire to prevent erosion, hold back soil, separate two areas of your yard, or create a raised garden bed. These utilitarian functions make retaining walls a highly functional addition to your yard, but they can also serve a decorative purpose, and add beauty and interest to your outdoor spaces. Champion Brick is your retaining wall expert in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and the Southeastern Wisconsin area, and we have a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you plan your retaining wall project.  

Do: Be Creative

Think of the aesthetic potential of your retaining wall. If it’s purpose is purely utilitarian, you can greatly increase its visual appeal by choosing a brick that compliments your home or other structures on your property. Be creative with your material choice as your retaining wall will be a dominant feature of your space for many, many years.

Don’t: Forget About Structure

Smaller retaining walls, such as those less than four feet, can be easily planned and created without worrying too much about structure. Larger walls above that height may need an engineer’s touch. They’ll need additional reinforcement to stay solidly in place, without risking eventual leaning or sagging, and ultimately becoming a safety hazard. Also, be sure to check with local codes before starting one more than four feet tall.

Don’t: Skip the Base

A retaining wall installation is only as good as the base upon which it’s built. Remember to plan properly and spend considerable time on your substrate. Make sure the ground is level and that you’re using sufficient solid fill, and spend considerable time on this part of the project. You’ll thank yourself down the line.

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