Did you just finish a reno on your home and now you have a lot of old bricks sitting around? Or perhaps you inherited a pile when you bought your new house? Either way, you have old bricks on your hands, and you’re not quite sure what to do with them.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. We’ve got 15 of the best ideas to turn your pile of old bricks into something beautiful.

someone laying down brick walkway using old bricks

15 Ways to Use Your Old Bricks

1. Garden Planter

If you have bricks with core holes, those holes make the perfect place to plant a flower or two. Add a few succulents for a cute, modern look that works for any setting.

2. Brick Books

If you’re a bookworm, all it takes is some paint and a little creativity to turn those old bricks into old books. You could decorate your garden, your front porch steps, or anywhere that needs a little brightening up!

3. Garden Markers

Are you constantly forgetting which plant you put where? You could use your old bricks to create a cute and rustic way to mark your garden.

4. Garden Bed Edging

There are a million ways to make a garden edge, but we think repurposing old bricks is the cutest. It’s also very eco-friendly, and the different design opportunities are endless.

5. Birdbath

Creating a gorgeous birdbath out of repurposed old bricks is a great way to reuse and recycle. This is also a quick and simple project for people of all skill levels.

6. Yard Art

If you have a lot of open space in your garden and you’re looking to spruce it up with some color, you could always paint those old bricks and lay them out to create different, fun designs!

7. Fire Pit

A fire pit is a functional way to repurpose those old bricks. There are plenty of good tutorials out there on how to make your own, but we like this one best.

8. Garden Walkway

Whether it’s just a decorative pad at the end of your walkway or an entire walkway made out of bricks, a walkway through your garden is a beautiful addition to any yard.

9. Raised Garden Bed

If you don’t have enough space for a traditional garden, there’s still hope. With a few bricks, you can create a raised garden bed to start flexing your green thumb.

10. Candle Holder

Just like with an earlier suggestion, the core holes in the middle of the bricks make a perfect place for holding things. Add a few rocks and place a candle in them for a nice centerpiece both indoors and outdoors.

11. Seasonal Decorations

If you’ve got little ones around the house, old bricks can be great for crafts! Snowmen, baby chicks, jack-o-lanterns, and American flags can all be made using old bricks.

12. DIY Fence

If you’ve got a small area you want to wall off, or a large area and enough bricks, you can use those bricks for what they were made for: building a wall!

13. Mailbox Stand

Your house’s facade is the first thing that people see. If your mailbox needs an update, those old bricks are the perfect way to give it a quick face lift.

14. Garden Steps

While you’re updating your garden with a new enclosure and a walkway, consider adding a few steps. This creates a dynamic look to make any space look great.

15. Garden Bench

All it takes to create a beautiful garden bench out of old bricks is an extra plank of sturdy wood. If you want a rustic place to sit and enjoy your garden, this is your chance!

Repurpose Old Bricks

Those old bricks don’t just have to sit around and collect dust. You can use them for something functional and beautiful at the same time. Whether it’s using for building a bench or creating simple decorations at the change of season, repurposed bricks are gorgeous for any decor theme.

If old bricks aren’t your thing and you’re looking for some new ones for your next project, give us a call today!