Are you looking to give your backyard a makeover? Or maybe you just want to spruce it up a little. Incorporating stone can add depth and contrast to your landscape design.

Landscaping stones come in a multitude of sizes, hues, textures, and shapes. And they’re easy to find. They can be purchased at local landscape businesses, the garden shop at home improvement stores, or a local stone yard.

Your budget will determine what you can buy and how big you want to go. In this area, stones native to Southeast Wisconsin are typically more easily accessible and less expensive. But if your dreams are fixed on something different, be willing to absorb the expense.

manufactured stone used as landscape edging in a backyard

Continue reading for four unique ways you can use stones in your landscape design.

1. Create a Stone Walkway

Stone walkways have become increasingly popular. When planning your walkway, remember:

  • Pavers come in numerous sizes and styles. There is also an array of neutral colors that will add great contrast to lush green lawns and vibrant blooms.
  • A design can be as simple as a walkway on the side of the house that takes visitors from the front gate to the backyard.
  • A walkway can be a solid 2 ft. wide path or strategically laid so that grass grows in between the steps.

Another idea is to create a pathway from patios, decks, and lanais to other areas in the lawn, like a fire pit or fish pond.

2. Use Landscaping Stones as a Flowerbed Topping

When it comes to flowerbeds, choosing rock vs mulch is a common comparison. Both bring their own appeal, but there can be drawbacks. For instance:

  • With mulch, you have to replace it at a minimum of once a year. The color fades from harsh sun and changing weather conditions.
  • Rocks come in a variety of colors and last indefinitely. Rock mulch gives a great return on investment and adds an undeniable richness to flower beds.

3. Have a Stone Centerpiece

If your budget will allow, landscaping with rocks can add allure to a bland corner of your backyard. Our tips:

  • Create a centerpiece with a large stone. Have it engraved with a special message for visitors. You can also consider having it chiseled into a unique shape.
  • Surround your centerpiece with exotic flowers or plants. You can also install decorative fencing panels behind the stone or an arbor above it.
  • Cap off your centerpiece with integrated outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate the artwork as the sun sets on your cookouts and evening outdoor parties.

4. Build a Rock Garden Around a Fish Pond

Backyard ponds are unique fixtures to backyard landscaping. A fish pond can add a touch of serenity to an otherwise lively scene, and they are definitely conversation starters at backyard gatherings.

Accentuate your pond with a rock border consisting of various rocks. You can also create a stone bench for visitors to rest on as they admire your fish collection.

Are You Ready for a Backyard Makeover?

We hope these ideas for landscaping stones have you thinking about creative ways to update your outdoor living space.

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