Renovating your home is a great way to update your living space, boost your home’s value, and to make your house better fit you and your family’s needs. But renovations can also be costly depending on the amount of work you plan to do.

Spending on renovation projects has seen a steady increase in recent years, especially among young homeowners. And with the costs going up, it’s never been more important to do your research and choose the right materials for the job.

retaining wall and house hardscaping made with decorative stone veneer

If you’re looking to renovate the outside of your home, manufactured stone veneer is one great option. From affordability to a wider selection of styles, there are tons of benefits you’ll enjoy. Keep reading to learn more.

1. It’s Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing manufactured stone veneer for your exterior renovations is how affordable it is.

Compared to choosing natural stone, manufactured stone offers huge cost savings. Other benefits mentioned later on this list, such as manufactured stone’s light weight and ease of installation, can also help homeowners save money when it comes to having the stone applied to the exteriors of their homes.

2. You Can Choose from a Range of Styles and Colors

When it comes to choosing real, natural stone, your options are somewhat limited. But manufactured stone veneer can be made to match any color or style, natural or otherwise.

For homeowners, this means a chance to choose the look, style, color, and stone size that matches your home and your personal style.

3. Installation Is a Breeze

Natural stone is heavy, making it expensive and difficult to transport and install. This slows down the installation process, costing homeowners a premium. But manufactured stone is lightweight and easy to handle. It is more durable as well, reducing the risk of materials getting damaged during installation.

For homeowners, this means faster, less expensive installation compared to natural stone.

4. Consistency Makes for a Better-Looking Finished Product

One of the biggest drawbacks to choosing natural stone is that you have little control over the product. You’ll get stones of different sizes, shades, and looks. Even if you’re using a single type of stone, the finished product can sometimes look like it’s a compilation of a variety of looks.

Manufactured stone doesn’t have this problem. You’ll get a consistent, great-looking finished product every time. The consistency will be the only way anyone will be able to tell that you chose manufactured stone rather than natural!

5. Manufactured Stone Is More Environmentally Friendly

Quarries for various types of natural stone can have devastating effects on their surroundings. They change the landscape, reduce natural resources, and drive wildlife in these areas out of their natural habitats.

Manufactured stone production is far more environmentally friendly. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase helped protect nature rather than further damaging it.

Choosing Manufactured Stone Veneer for Your Exterior Renovations

Another great benefit of choosing manufactured stone is that it offers superior durability compared to other products you might choose for your exterior renovations. You’ll get to enjoy your environmentally friendly, gorgeous, custom-designed, and affordable choice for years to come.

If you’re ready to start searching for the perfect manufactured stone veneer for your exterior renovations, start shopping our wide selection of looks and styles today. We offer an excellent selection of premium styles!