Winter can be a great time to brainstorm DIY projects for your Wisconsin home. Stone veneer can be the main ingredient in sprucing up your home in time for spring. Whether it be inside or outside, there are a number of ways you can incorporate stone veneer in DIY projects. Here are just five ways you can get creative with DIY stone veneer projects.

Paneling Your Walls with Stone Veneer

You don’t have to bring out the paint bucket to spruce up your walls. Adding stone veneer panels can spice up your home. One benefit of using stone veneer is that it gives your walls more dimension. A good mix of elegance and liveliness is essential for creating an aesthetic. Champion Brick is proud to offer a number of different styles of stone veneer to choose from. Stone veneer works well with appliances such as grills and fireplaces.

Stone Veneer for Grills & Fireplaces

The cold months can get you dreaming about gathering around a fire pit or grilling out with friends. Stone veneer can be the source of inspiration to craft a DIY fire pit or grill. If you’re interested in making your own DIY stone veneer fireplace or grill, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for DIY stone veneer installations! Decking out your home appliances with stone veneer works both in and outdoors.

Deck Out Your Kitchen with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can be a great addition to your kitchen. The versatility it provides can give your kitchen an accent that will keep people in the room. Some popular choices for adding it in are kitchen tables, breakfast bars, cabinets, and backdrops for walls. Stone can also be a great addition to your bar.

Adding Stone to the Bar

You can turn your ordinary basement or outdoor bar into something more extravagant. Adding stone veneer to your bar is a great way to give your bar new life. Do It Yourself has a great step-by-step guide on installing a DIY stone veneer bar front. It may even lead to longer conversations with guests…and a few too many cocktails. Pavers are another great DIY stone veneer project for inside and outside of your home.