Outdoor landscapes and gardens are beautiful homes to flowers, trees, and fruits and vegetables. They bring life to your property and give you a relaxing hobby to take on as a family. Creating such a beautiful space takes careful planning and regular maintenance, though.

It is a team effort, which gets more rewarding with time and upgrades. One of the best ways to give your garden a face-lift is adding decorative stone. Stones bring a vibrant, yet sophisticated, feel to the look of your outdoor space. They can be helpful for growing plants or a simple touch to boost the overall aesthetics.

There are many kinds of stones available in the market, but choosing one is easier than you think. Here are three things to consider when adding decorative stones to your space.

different types of decorative stone

1. Know the Purpose

Are you planning to replace your mulch or create a barrier for your garden pond? This may help narrow down the stone you are looking for because each purpose will require something different.

Small, gravel-like stones tend to work best for pathways. They are the easiest to even out and will feel light to step on. Gravel also works as a mulch replacement, and it never has to be replaced like mulch does.

Bigger stones can create pathways along grass or on top of gravel. Or, you can use large cobblestones to suggest a barrier around your special garden.

2. Consider the Climate

Once you know what you want to do with your decorative stone design, consider the climate in which you live. The right stone for a hot, humid area may not necessarily work as well in places where your property receives heavy snow or rainfall.

Make note of the conditions your rocks will endure as you choose between large or small and river rock or bark.

3. Pick a Color and Theme

After determining what the best rocks are for your home’s conditions, you can start to get creative! The best way to make the most of your space is to pick a theme and make it come to life.

Something like a tranquil reading garden is the perfect place to lay a gravel path with a comfortable chair and a source of natural water. You can even make the path a walking space lined with flowers and potted plants.

Or, maybe you prefer a more vibrant, exciting area to mix and match native and exotic plants. This would be the perfect chance to use large decorative stone as a natural barrier. It serves a purpose and adds a funky, rough element to the space.

No matter the direction you choose to go in, there is a way to make it happen. The use of stones ties your garden together in a low-maintenance, high-quality way.

Choose Your Decorative Stone

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