Making the decision to remodel your backyard opens up endless possibilities. One great option is to incorporate brick into your design plan.

Brick patios are more popular than ever, and they can easily transform a dull space into a beautiful environment for entertaining or simply relaxing. It’s one of the many reasons brick patios are becoming so popular with Milwaukee homeowners.

Brick patio ideas range from extreme, million-dollar renovations to down-to-earth simple brick designs perfect for grilling out after a long day at work. So, finding the right design for your space is key.

someone laying a brick patio

When it comes to design options, you’re really only limited by your own imagination. So, let’s take a look at a few cool design ideas.

Popular Brick Patio Designs

Thinking about remodeling your backyard to make it better for entertaining or hanging out with your family? Here are five great ideas to inspire you.

1. Red Paved Bricks

This is a classic patio look. Red bricks offer the flexibility to create intricate designs, and they work well with any kind of patio furniture. They also look great with gravel, rock, or sand.

Get creative, make a brick path, and create a contemporary look. Or, stick with something more traditional if you want a classic look.

2. Brick Steps

This is a great tip for creating depth of perception: Just add some steps to your patio.

Adding bricks steps offers a chance to incorporate a splash of color and texture. And, brick steps are a deceptively simple design element that embellish an existing space, giving your backyard patio ideas dimension and personality.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

There is really nothing more relaxing and cozy than creating a kitchen area on your patio. A patio kitchen provides you with so many cooking options, and there are seemingly endless different designs to choose from.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for patio parties, outdoor gatherings, and just breakfast with the family.

4. Stone Fireplace

Adding a stone fireplace or a fire pit to your patio area is a fantastic way to integrate atmosphere and warmth into your brick patio designs. A patio fireplace can be as simple or elaborate as you want. For instance, you can go with a simple structure or have the look of something you’d find at a fancy hotel or ski lodge.

5. Simple Setup

Perhaps you’d rather keep your backyard brick ideas simple. After all, sometimes less is more. Many people prefer a simple, elegant look rather than a more grandiose design.

Your patio is a place for you to spend time relaxing, and keeping the design as simple as possible can help you achieve that peaceful ambiance. Often, a straight-forward brick pattern, a patio grill, and some nice patio furniture lends the perfect touch.

You should never feel like you should have to add more than you want. Remember: This is your space, and it should reflect your own personal taste.

Choosing the Right Brick Patio Style for You

Whatever brick patio ideas you choose, it’s really impossible to go wrong. Utilizing brick in your designs is the perfect way to create the kind of outdoor environment to which people are naturally drawn.

Outdoor entertaining is fun any time of year, and with the right design you can do it—even here in the Milwaukee area! And the more inviting your patio space is, the more time you will want to spend there with family and friends.

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