You walk outside to enjoy some needed sunshine only to find weeds. Lots of weeds. There’s little else to look at and practically nowhere that’s not spider-infested to sit. It’s time for a little sprucing up.

But where do you begin? How do you change your backyard’s or patio’s mess into a dreamy wonderland? Especially here in southeast Wisconsin where the best summer months can seem so short?

With these five design tips, you’ll find the inspiration to weed out the ugly and create your own fabulous backyard design.

Backyard Garden landscaping with waterfall, pond, and beautiful hardscape patio

5 Backyard Design Tips

Regardless of whether you would prefer an outside retreat or a place to gather the family, this list has something for everyone.

1. Add Walkways

Walkways are an excellent way to break up a large backyard, and decorative stone can provide an earthy, natural look.

Backyard walkways are excellent for garden paths and even smaller yards. They create a route for the eye to travel. Plus, they can add natural stopping points around certain elements.

Add a romantic or relaxed atmosphere to a small yard with a flagstone path leading to the patio or around a bench.

2. Bring the Inside Out

Couches and chairs don’t have to be limited to inside the house. Bring some of your indoor convenience outside.

In fact, outdoor rooms have become all the rage in design. All it takes is some outdoor furniture (wicker works nicely) arranged around a table.  Add some well-placed potted plants to create privacy.

3. Have a Fire Pit

During the winter months, fire pits are excellent for encouraging some outdoor time. During summer and spring, they offer relaxing nights.

Another wonderful thing about fire pits is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so yard size is irrelevant.

Purchase a fire pit and add some furniture to encourage late-night discussions. Emphasizing stone designs around it can also amp up the olden feel, but don’t forget to add your personal style.

From a tiki bar theme to in-ground pits for cooking, these pits add social enrichment wherever you put them.

4. Attract Nature

Birds might not come flapping when you sing, but some of these backyard designs might do the trick.

Add brightly colored flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Great butterfly attractors include the following:

  • Lantana
  • Verbena
  • Pentas
  • Zinnias

Throw in a bird bath and some feeders and you’ll attract flocks in no time. If you have the room, a small pond with a stone bench can do wonders to create a pleasurable atmosphere.

If you grow berries, many will survive through the winter months to bring additional wildlife during the cold weather.

5. Add a Pergola

Pergolas can be added to the side of a house or as a freestanding structure. They can create the perfect outside retrieve.

Not only are they easy to build, but they make for one heck of an outside entertainment area. You can have family gatherings beneath or enjoy late romantic dinners.

Plant some ivy and within a couple of weeks, you’ll have vines climbing up the sides, creating a natural but extravagant look. Adding other climbing plants can make you feel like you’re in a personal dream.

Relax in the Sun

Get rid of those weeds and start designing! These five backyard design tips are easy ways to spruce up any property from a weed-infested clutter to a miniature paradise.

Of course, you’ll need some materials. Take a look at our website, which lists all the resources we have for homeowners interested in a little TLC for their yards. From brick to decorative stone, we offer southeastern Wisconsin residents everything they need to get the most from their backyards.