Natural stone adds elegance to your home. Realstone Systems Stone are top of the line stone manufacturers located in the Midwest. Champion Brick is proud to offer this brand and is one of the few dealers in southeastern Wisconsin. Here’s what you need to know about using stone from Realstone Systems for your next project.

What’s Realstone Systems?

Realstone Systems, based in Troy, MI, is a manufacturer that produces an assortment of stone veneer. They offer a vast selection of different styles for homeowners to choose from. There a number of factors that earns Realstone Systems their reputation.

What are the Benefits of Using Realstone?

Stone veneer from Realstone provides numerous benefits to homeowners, firstly, it provides eco-friendly benefits.

Eco-friendly Material

Our society is becoming more environmentally conscious as the years go on. The same goes for stone manufacturers. Going green is highly beneficial for homeowners because it can significantly reduce how much natural resources you use. Therefore, using eco-friendly material in your home can also get you a LEED certification.

Work Up Some LEED Points

LEED, or Leadership in Environmentally Engineered Designs, rates a project’s impact on the environment. A LEED certification rates a project’s recycled content, construction waste management, impact on air quality and the innovation of the design. Installing Realstone in your home can help you work towards getting a LEED certification and add value to your home.

Stone Veneer Adds Value to Homes

Homeowners aren’t just going green, they’re investing in it. According to an article from Construction Dive, “area homes built to LEED between 2008 and 2016 saw an 8% increase in value, while homes built to more general green standards experienced a 6% rise.” Even then, stone veneer in itself adds significant value to a home’s resale value.

According to data from a cost vs. value report from Remodeling, homeowners who installed manufactured stone veneer saw 94.9% return on their investment. If you’re interested in boosting resale value, using real stone veneer helps homeowners get a bigger return on their investment.

Realstone is easy to work with. Above all, Realstone Systems’ does a great job with custom orders and sizing.

Realstone is Good for Custom Projects

Realstone is a good option for homeowners that are looking for a wide selection of colors and custom sizing. As a result, Champion Brick offers a wide range of Realstone Systems’ stone veneer, and homeowners can choose the dimensions they need for their next project. Looking for some inspiration for installing Realstone in your home? Take a look at Houzz’s gallery showcasing home improvement projects using Realstone Systems and see our guide to natural stone veneer!

Getting Realstone in Your Home

In conclusion, Realstone Systems’ stone veneer can be a great addition to your home for DIY projects and siding. Interested in availability? Call on Champion Brick for your next home improvement project!