With 50% of Americans entertaining guests in their homes at least once a month, finding a unique way to do it makes it fun for everyone.

If you’re having people over again and again, you need to have a reason to keep bringing them back to your place. And a brick fire pit is a great way to do it. In fact, a fire pit is a great way to gather with friends no matter what the season.

Whether or not you like to entertain, a fire pit is a time-tested tradition for gathering around at the end of a day to tell stories, sing, or relax. A bonfire works just about any time of year. And building a fire can be a great bonding experience for your family and friends.

Outdoor fire pit in backyard setting

If you’re looking to build a fire pit in your New Berlin backyard, you’ll be adding value to your home and your property. Follow these four steps to make sure you build a sturdy, safe, and long-lasting pit.

1. Set Up the Foundation

  1. Get a rebar stake to create the center of the hole. A suitable width for a fire pit is about 5 feet, so take a rope or a string, then tie it loosely around the stake. Measure out about 2.5 feet with the other end, and then tie that end to a can of spray paint at that length.
  2. Use your can to spray a painted circle around your rebar stake. Dig down about 6 inches, and then tie a new piece of string.
  3. Tie that to a can of paint at about 1.5 feet. This inner circle will become the interior of your fire pit.
  4. Mix up some concrete, and then lay the concrete between the two circles. Keep the center area free.
  5. Lay the concrete until it’s about 1-2 inches from the ground level.
  6. Add a few pieces of rebar or alternatives in your concrete for reinforcement.
  7. Smooth it out, and let it dry for a day.
  8. Remove your center stake.

2. Get the Outer Wall Going

  1. Mix up some mortar, and then add it on top of your concrete base.
  2. Make the layer about 2 inches thick, and then add some natural stones. Make a circle of stones on the outer edge of your firepit.
  3. After a few vertical layers of stones, lay some bricks on their sides to create your inner wall.

3. Get Your Inner Wall Set Up

  1. Make sure you’re taking a level to get each brick standing up. Fill in gaps with mortar and scrape away the excess.
  2. Continue to build up any stones and bricks. Make sure the structure is stable.
  3. Set aside a layer of smooth stones to cap the top of the wall. Your wall should reach about 16-24 inches.

4. Finish It Up

Once you’ve finished the structure:

  1. Brush the exterior with a paintbrush to get rid of debris.
  2. Spray it with a hose to get rid of extra mortar.
  3. Spray paint your bricks on the interior with a high-heat stove spray paint.
  4. Fill the pit with some river rocks. You might want to add a 2-to-4-inch outer layer of crushed stone to keep weeds from breaking through.

Your Brick Fire Pit Will Be a Hit

A brick fire pit would be a unique addition to any New Berlin property,  and it doesn’t require any significant construction. Plus, it will add a permanent value, both in price and in spirit. You’ll have friends asking when you’re hosting your next outdoor fire season after season!

If you’re looking for other DIY projects, contact us for more ideas. There are plenty of great DIY brick projects you can do to add value and enjoyment to your property.