A home is a living project, both literally and figuratively. There’s always a project that can add style and value to your property. But how can you know what home improvement projects will add the most value to your home?

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, consider one of these five projects.

1. New Siding and Brickwork Adds New Life to Your Home

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a home’s brickwork often forms a lasting first impression. Regularly maintaining your home’s brickwork and siding adds a nice polish that makes your home look inviting.

According to a blog from Investopedia, homeowners who redo their siding can expect an average of 80.7% return on investment. However, the type of siding you install determines how much return you see. When in doubt, homeowners may see the best return on brickwork.

Alternatives to brick (like manufactured stone) are also creating a boom in return on investment for homeowners.

2. Replace Siding on Your Home

While vinyl sidings are a cheap option for dressing your home, they can also add value. According to a 2018 cost-value report from Remodeling, homeowners who invest in siding may see an average of 76.7% return on their investment. However, the type of material you use for siding your home greatly influences value.

For a high-end look with even greater returns, homeowners should consider alternatives to siding that mimic stone, like thin brick and stone veneer.

3. Add Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding

If you have the money, swapping out vinyl for manufactured stone may up your home’s value. The 2018 cost-value report from Remodeling shows that homeowners who added manufactured stone saw an average of 97.1% return on their investment.

Even if you aren’t in the market for selling, adding manufactured stone can give your home a welcoming look. Sprucing up your home’s appearance will have people wondering what other great additions your home has to offer.

4. Additions to Your Deck or Patio

A patio starts off as a blank canvas. It’s what you add to it that brings it to life. According to Remodeling’s 2018 cost-value report, homeowners who added to their deck or patio saw an average of 82.8% return on their investment.

Adding wooden additions like pergolas or brick fireplaces and ovens makes your backyard the place to be during a summer in Wisconsin.

5. Add Pavers Around Your Home for a Grand Entrance

Pavers are a product of multiple materials, such as concrete, stone, and brick. The variety of materials available gives homeowners plenty of options for finding what will look best for their homes.

Here are just a few great ways to use pavers:

  • Put them around your property to create a trail for exploration.
  • Use them to guide your guests into your home or around to the backyard.
  • Create a unique walking path through your garden.

Improving Your Wisconsin Home Means Choosing the Right Materials

While trends come and go, adding beautiful hardscapes and maintaining your home will inevitably add value to it. If you’re looking for a change for the better but don’t know where to start, contact a local company with experience and expertise. They can help you find the right materials to meet your goals.

To see the many ways our clients have used our high-quality brick here in Wisconsin, visit our project gallery. For more information on our bricks, manufactured stone, or hardscape materials, contact us today.