Pergolas can provide an elegant way to enjoy your back patio during the summer, fall and even spring seasons. They provide a nice sitting area that allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight without having to sit completely exposed to the harsh sun. Incorporating a brick foundation to your pergola is a way to elevate it even more. Champion Brick can help you to select just the right paver or decorative stone to add to your pergola and give it the look you want. Here are 5 reasons to add a pergola to your home.

Create a defined space.

Depending on the layout of your backyard and what you have done already, if you are looking to create a more purposeful space there or perhaps more functional one, a pergola is a great solution for both. This is especially true if you have a small back yard or don’t have a deck or patio. A pergola automatically creates an entertainment lounge or dining area, perfect for when you are entertaining guests.

Create privacy.

If you just have an open patio area but want to feel like you have a little more privacy a pergola is a great remedy. It is an open structure. but with that structure you can create privacy by adding drapes, latticework, or screens to a couple of sides. Get the feeling of some privacy while still enjoying an open space.

Create protection from the elements.

Already mentioned briefly, pergolas provide protection and shade from the harsher elements, such as direct exposure to sunrays or wind. They create a space to enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s around without having to worry too much about a sunburn.

Add value to your home.

According to experts, you can add as much as 20 percent value to your home with attractive landscaping. Unlike gazebos, pergolas are extremely affordable, but still add worth. They add a lot of beauty and interest to your outdoor area, making it a poignant asset if you decide to sell your home.

Combine it with different materials to make it shine.

If the previous four aren’t reason enough, incentive number five takes the cake for those who love landscape design and architecture. Pergolas have an elegant look in and of themselves, but when you combine that with other materials such as brick pavers, that look of elegance is furthered even more. Champion brick has a beautiful selection of stone or wood pavers that fit beautifully with a pergola or even decorative stone to frame the outside. Check out Champion Brick’s Heartland Pergolas page for examples of some of the striking looks of the combination of pergolas with brick and paver materials to see for yourself.


If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your home, Champion Brick would love to hear from you and talk with you about design options that fit your style. Connect with us via email on our contact page or find our phone number there to talk a professional today.