Over 70 percent of US homeowners who have outdoor space would like to enhance this area of their homes.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to take weeks of dirt and disruption to smarten up your outdoor areas.  As many homeowners in Milwaukee have learned, adding a pergola is an easy way to make an impressive upgrade to your garden.

These simple, open structures of vertical posts and roof beams have been popular since Roman times. Once used to grow vines and create features in landscaped parks, they’re now often used in private gardens.

Find out what’s the point of a pergola and how it can take your outdoor space from drab to delightful.

It’s the Perfect Way to Enjoy Outdoor Living

If you throw open the doors and windows when it gets warm, and you love to spend all of your time in the garden as soon as the sun is shining, it’s time to think about how you can create a better outdoor space that works for you.

Adding a pergola, either to the side of your property or as a freestanding structure in a larger garden, creates a defined area that you can use as an outdoor room.

The roof structure gives you a little privacy if you have neighbors nearby. And, with a simple table and chairs or outdoor lounge set, you’ve suddenly added a whole new area to your house where indoors meets outdoors.

You Can Create the Ultimate Entertainment Area

There’s nothing better than an alfresco party on a summer’s evening or a romantic dinner under the stars.

You can up your party game by making your pergola an entertainment area. A shaded area is great for serving food and drinks at a garden party, and it’s so easy to make it a comfortable place for your guests to gather.

You could even add a pizza oven to your pergola area. Although be warned: You might find it hard to get your guests to leave!

A Pergola Is Easy to Build

Garden landscaping projects can be daunting for beginners, but a pergola is an easy project to build and maintain.

Depending on the size of the structure and any local regulations, you probably won’t need a permit to add a pergola to your property.

Most commonly, pergolas are made from wood, but metal and vinyl structures, such as Heartland Pergolas, are becoming more popular because they’re so easy to care for and virtually maintenance free.

It’s Great for Plant Lovers

Originally, the purpose of a pergola was to train vines to grow across the structure. If you’re green-fingered, you can try planting climbing plants like bougainvillea and honeysuckle under your pergola.

The color, height, and beautiful fragrances will make your garden sing. And as the plants grow up and over the pergola, you’ll have a more shaded area in which to relax.

If gardening isn’t your strong suit or you’d like to add some shade to your backyard straight away, you can add awnings or loose fabric curtains to your pergola too.

You Can Show Your Style with Outdoor Decorations

Whether your house and garden are modern or traditional, Mediterranean-inspired or coastal-themed, there are plenty of outdoor accessories you can add to your pergola.

Seating should be your first port of call. Decide if you want to create a space for outdoor dining, chilling out, or partying, and pick durable furniture accordingly. Then you can bring out your personality with textiles, string lights, lanterns, and planters.

Is it Time to Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

With the best of this year’s weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about adding a pergola to your outdoor space. Take a look at our great options for pergolas, and start planning your next project now. That way it will be ready for summer.

Not sure where to start? Contact us for more information on styles and choices!