All of us have heard horror stories about property owners who are watching their investment wash away. Eroding soil from rainwater and storm drains can do tremendous damage to the value of your home.

With extreme weather and rising waterways, there has never been a better time to work to protect your property. Those scenic water features can destroy large pieces of land or whole neighborhoods.

It’s important in many cases to build a retaining wall before it is too late. But how can you tell if you need one? Here are some reasons your property might need a retaining wall.

A stone block retaining wall topped with hedge

You Suffer from Downhill Erosion

If you don’t work to control downhill erosion, you will have significant issues on your hands. Without it, on one side of your property you could lose valuable land. On the other side, you could be allowing drainage and damage into your home. And soil could be eroding into the side of your house.

A retaining wall is the answer. With a wall, you can head off downhill erosion and keep your property in place.

You Have Water Runoff

Heavy rains and spring thaws can pose a huge threat to property owners. In many cases, water runoff will carry away your property if not properly managed. Also, water runoff can leave you with a flooded basement if you don’t have a wall to protect you.

Too many homeowners water their lawns only to have the runoff damage their homes. Investing in a wall prevents that.

There Are High Winds in Your Area

If you live in an area with high winds, areas of your property could be prone to soil erosion. This is especially true if your soil is dry. High-speed winds can fly through and—literally—carry your topsoil away.

Installing a retaining wall is a good way to protect your soil from wind.

Make Better Use of Your Property

A retention wall isn’t just for protecting your property. Other reasons so many Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners have them installed include:

  • They can add valuable space to your home or property. With level land, you can add seating, create walkways, and incorporate stairs.
  • Retaining walls can make your land more usable. An area that is steeply sloped and unusable can suddenly become level, usable space with the addition of a wall.
  • They provide beautiful opportunities for landscaping designs. In many cases, a retention wall can also open up more space for gardening and outdoor activities.

Get the Best to Build a Retaining Wall

When it comes to protecting your property, you can’t be too careful. But it isn’t enough to know that you need to build a retaining wall. You need the right materials for the project.

For solid materials that will keep your property in place, trust Champion Brick. We are the preferred Milwaukee brick, paver, stone, pergola, hardscape product, and retaining wall supplier for commercial and residential projects throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Contact us today for expert advice on your next stone project.