When considering a hardscape project, whether it’s a walkway, patio, or another feature, you’re faced with a decision between the myriad types of concrete applications available, and the large range of sizes, colors, and materials of pavers. It can be overwhelming to consider the sheer volume of choices available, but the first decision is between paver blocks or poured concrete. At Champion Brick, we offer the best selection of Clay Pavers, Pavers by Belgard, and Pavers by Techno-Bloc in the Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Southeastern Wisconsin areas. This makes us partial to pavers in general, but we sincerely believe that the beauty and durability you can add to your outdoor living spaces with pavers far exceeds that of concrete. Read on to learn more about what pavers can do for your project.

One thing to keep in mind about all materials on all projects is that poorly installed products will function poorly. Your hardscape, paver or concrete, is only as durable as the quality of its installation. That is why you should not only choose your hardscapes and outdoor living products carefully, you should use just as much scrutiny when choosing your contractor.

While concrete offers a competitive price, ease of installation, a smooth surface (at least initially), and a variety of finishes due to new stamping methods, its lack of durability may leave many homeowners disappointed a few years down the line. Poured concrete excels in compression strength, but is not as strong in terms of tensile strength. This means that it’s an excellent choice for foundation walls, but that it will undoubtedly develop cracks when used as a slab or walkway surface. Just take a walk on any city sidewalk and you’ll see the evidence you need to make the conclusion that concrete is prone to cracking.

Particularly in our Wisconsin weather, where we reach extremes of temperature within just a few short months, concrete performs poorly. Large slabs will crack under the pressure of temperature changes, and small sections will heave and become misaligned. Also, because of the nature of poured concrete, it’s virtually impossible to repair damage and movement caused by weather changes, the only solution is the labor-intensive process of demolition, removal, and replacement.

Pavers are great at taking those loads, in fact the sheer strength of a paver surface is surprising to many. Properly installed traditional pavers are able to give and move with temperature changes, and the interlocking functions of manufactured pavers allow them to resist movement while maintaining a smooth and flat surface.


Pavers are also extremely low maintenance – just a few cleanings a year with a blower will keep them looking great! Properly installed pavers will resist weed growth and maintain their unique and beautiful appearance year after year. Also, in the event that pavers become misaligned, cracked, or shifted, repairs are as simple as removing the affected area, replacing the substrate, and then replacing the pavers.

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