Brick is a material that can be used in any home to create a variety of looks. Elegant, modern, modern chic, rustic, country and more. Whatever your aesthetic appeal, brick is an excellent choice to help create that. In addition, it’s highly versatile in where it can be used. Whether you’re making plans to build or looking to give your home a makeover, consider adding brick to those plans. Here are four awesome ways to incorporate brick into your home.

Interior design

Brick is frequently used in outdoor spaces but it doesn’t have to be used only outdoors or for the structure of a home. Incorporating brick to the inside of your home gives you endless options for creating a beautiful space. It can be used in any room and you also can paint it any color you like. The versatility in looks that can be achieved make brick a fun and smart choice to add to the interior of your home.

Steps, caps, & landscape design

Some of the outdoor spaces where brick is great to use are on steps, places that need or can use cappings, such as steps or an outdoor structure, and in landscape design. Using brick for your outdoor steps is a great choice because not only do you get a striking look, it’s also highly durable and will last a long time. It makes an excellent cap for outdoor structures as well. In addition to steps or caps, brick is an eye-catching addition to landscape design. Use it to frame an area of plants or flowers to create a more elegant and attractive yard.

Driveway and walkways

Using brick for a driveway or walkway is an up and coming trend. Brick driveways have become increasingly popular again in recent years. They can blend in well with your landscaping, offer easy maintenance, and usually last for decades. They can give your home a distinguished look and both curb appeal and value to your property. Likewise, a brick walkway can be created in a range of designs and is as beautiful as they are functional.


It may not be the first thought, to use brick for a patio but it is an excellent choice. As has been mentioned, brick offers a lot of diversity in design and with creativity, the options are nearly endless. An assortment of colors only further expands the design looks that can be achieved. In addition to the aesthetics, in an area that can have a lot of foot traffic and use, the robustness of brick is another perk. Champion Brick has experience installing beautiful outdoor patios. Check out some of the projects we’ve done on our website.

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